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Angie Harmon

Real Name : Angie Harmon

Age : 28

Hair Color : Brown

Eye Color : Brown

Birth date : August, 10 1972

Height : 5' 9"

Bust : 34B

Waist : 24

Hips : 34 S

Shoe Size : 9

Brothers and sisters : None

School : Highland Park High School

Biography Supermodel Angie Harmon plays forensic expert Ryan McBride on "Baywatch Nights." McBride is also the gorgeous and sultry co-owner of the Buchannon and McBride detective agency. Hasselhoff and "Baywatch Nights" executive producers were in the midst of conducting a nationwide search to cast the role of McBride when, by chance, Hasselhoff met Harmon on a cross-country flight. Read more....

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