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Brittany Daniel

Birthname: Brittany Ann Daniel
Height/Weight: 5'7"/115 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue/Green
Hair Color: Blonde

Birthmarks: Has a birthmark on her arm the size of a nickle

Resides in: San Fernando Valley, CA

Parents C.B and Carolyn, sister Cynthia, and older brother Brad

Religion: Christian/Catholic

Nicknames: Boo Boo, Britt

Car: Bright Red Ford Explorer

School: National Honor Society scholar throughout high school

Hobbies: Rock climbing, rollerblading, and going to the beach

Brittany Daniel Biography: Brittany Daniel was born March 17, 1976 in Gainesville, Florida. Brittany was born to a twin sister Cynthia and both sisters began modeling in high school. Her modeling career eventually led to commercial spots and guest spots in TV series. Brittany made her acting debut in "Burke's Law" and was to also appear in "The New Leave It To Beaver" and "Swan's Crossing". Brittany has acted more recently in "Sweet Valley High", "The Basketball Diaries", and "Dawson's Creek". This young actress's career is on the rise so keep and eye out for her.More....