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Charisma Carpenter

Real Name: Charisma Carpenter
Nationality: American
Birth Date: July 23 1970
Birth Place: Las Vegas Nevada
Occupation: actress
Education: Gorman High School in Las Vegas Bonita High School in San Diego Chula Vista School of the Creative and Performing Arts (graduated in 1989) Playhouse West Junior college in San Diego

Relationship: Damian Hardy (actor; together since 1997)

Father: Don (salesman)
Mother: Chris (works in a bird sanctuary)

Claim to fame: as Cordelia Chase in Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Charisma -- a special charm or allure that inspires allegiance or devotion. The perfect way to describe the beautiful Charisma Carpenter is by the definition of her name. This actress has shown through her numerous television appeances that she does have a special charm or at least great looks that leave men drooling. More....

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