Digital Diaries

"...that her photos are explicit sexual images is almost secondary to her emergence as a unique artist. The raw power of many of the potraits provides a thrill to the viewer."

Female Form

" Admittedly I know very little about photography, but it seems to me that many images are truly striking."

Roy Stuart III

" If women want to know what men really fantasize about, look at Roy Stuart's photography."

Ex Girlfriends

"Helfrich shares with us what most have hidden away or have long ago destroyed- intimate, private pictures of his ex-girlfriends."

A Private View

"His use of lighting, his composition and his obvious communication with the models and celebrities were ruthlessly revealed. Honestly, I would even buy his outtakes!"

My Wife

"I love this book. It's a must have for those who are not afraid of intimacy."

Bruno Bisang

"I've seen many albums covering erotic photography, and this one is one of the best.... It's sexy, it's erotic, it's intriguing, and it's full of real life, not some fabricated poses and stills. I recommend it to anyone, who's fan of excellent photography, beautiful women and erotic feelings."

Sante D'Orazio

"Finally, a book of celebrity photographs which transcends the formula of merely exposing famous skin!"


"I perused this book in Barnes and Nobles, and I have to say that "The New Nude" was one of the most provocative photography books I've seen."


"Many of the photographs starts to take on a dark and gloomy feeling especially those with a S&M theme."


"The production values are good in this slightly-more-than-a-pamphlet volume despite the complete lack of any organizing principle beyond the titular feature."


"This is one of the best art books I have seen for ages. I love the idea behind the book and I wish I could have been involved in this project- that's how good the photos are!"