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Birth Name: Audrey Faith Perry

Birthplace: Jackson, Miss.

Birthdate: 9/21/67

Education: Briefly attended junior college

Fact: Before hitting it big in Nashville, Hill sold T-shirts to get by.

Marriages: Dan Hill (divorced), Tim McGraw

Children: Gracie, Maggie (both with McGraw)

It may just be one of those crazy coincidences that Faith Hill, born Audrey Faith Perry Hill in 1967, grew up in a place called Star, Mississippi. But it sure does make sense. Ever since bursting onto the scene in 1993 with her smash debut single "Wild One," Faith has served as a leading light, a true star, in the world of country music. Her stellar blend of folksy charm, genuine sincerity, and the talent of a legend-in-the-making has kept Hill on the charts and in the hearts of her loyal fanbase since those early days. Speaking of very early days.... read more

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