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Gina Gershon

She doesn't trust anyone who doesn't like to eat.

She likes to travel.

Ethnic Background: French, Russian and Dutch

Calls herself impatient

Music tastes include Frank Sinatra, Elvis Costello, Jimi Hendrix, and Patsy Cline.

Is terrified of sharks and cockroaches, and has nightmares about sharks when about to begin a new project.

Likes to shop for antiques.

Her first play was in 8th grade.

She eats lots of candy.

Favorite food: sesame seed bagel with cream cheese, onion, tomato and Nova Scotia Lox.

She would like to have drag queens dress up and play one of her roles, right down to the color of lipstick.

Still gets butterflies at curtain call.

She smokes cigars.

Got into trouble in High School, and had the choice of either all girls' school, or Beverly Hills.

She choose Beverly Hills!

Says she was a juvenile delinquent.

Street-wise and sassy but able to play glamourous roles for very obvious reasons, Gina Gershon shared screen time with James Belushi and Arnie in "Red Heat" in 1988 and was impressive as the girlfriend of the Russian gangster being tracked down by Arnie as one of Moscow's finest in a new twist on the buddy genre. Jumping between big screen and small screen Gershon seemed destined for a career as a busy but B list actress until the memorable "Bound" where she played lesbian Korky who teams up with lover Jennifer Tilly to out-smart the mob in one of the best big screen offerings of the mid-90's. It was probably the movie Gina needed after the disasterous "Showgirls" which is now a recognised turkey. The John Woo directed "Face/Off" kept this particular beautiful face in the minds of moviegoers and as one of the best character actresses around, Gershon is very watchable in a variety of screen roles ranging from news reporter to cop.... read more

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