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Jolene Blalock

Date of Birth:
5th March 1975


“I like men who are very cool but who are also so brilliant that they are almost insane. Sean Penn, Gary Oldman, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits—men who would be flipping burgers if they hadn’t found an outlet for their brilliant mind-sets. I also like men who have hands with big masculine veins that you can squish and move.”

Jolene's nickname is Leno.

She is a talented artist.

She started modeling in Japan, doing shoots for a Japanese magazine.

She has a cat named 'Tommy'.

Although Jolene proved to be a born surfer while growing up in California, she decided to pursue an acting career. Born and raised in California, Jolene's father would take her and her brothers to the water to surf, in what became a regular family regular sport. Read More

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