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Jordana Brewster

Hollywood Actress

Date of Birth:
April 26, 1980

Birth Place:
Panama City, Panama

Star Sign:
Sun in Taurus

Fun Fact:
Studying at Yale University

Jordana has been nude these movies:
The Invisible Circus (2001)

Jordana was raised in London, England up until the age of six.At this time Brewster's family decided to move back to their home land of Rio de Janiero. There they stayed for the next 4 years. Jordana learned to speak fluent portuguese during her 4 year stay in Rio de Janiero. At the age of ten jordana's family decided to move again only this time they would relocate in the heart of New York City known as Manhattan. She studied at the Weist-Barron catholic school for girls,then moving on to the New York professional childrens school. Read more about Jordana Brewster

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