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"Make me feel like I am the most beautiful woman in the world. You'll score major points."
--Kari Wuhrer

While growing up, Kari was always seeking attention. She once made her own fashion statement by going to school in her brother's pajamas.

Kari recalls "I've just always had this thing ever since I was a little girl where I didn't want to wear clothes. My Mom would chase after me down the street when I was six years old...like Hey put this shirt on! I'd be like NO! Scotty doesn't have HIS shirt on" "It's either a freeing experience thing for me or it's some kind of insecurity thing where I really love my body and I honestly do think it's my biggest asset.

Maybe a little of both. Sometimes I don't know. Sometimes I think just because it's there, maybe I should use it. I don't know." As to the notion that her "personality" is as much an asset for her as her body is, Kari replies "That's great.

You see it one way and I see it the other and that's great. But personality is just so different. When you're acting in a character...I feel like I'm less than what I am normally in real life. I have to learn how to balance my personality into my readings and learn how to show off my personality through my characters.

Her Mom always accepted Kari as "not quite the same as the rest of us" but her Dad gave her lots of reasons to be insecure. "Sometimes (recalls Kari) I just wasn't good enough. My ears stuck out, my butt was too big." Thankfully now, "He's very supportive".