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Real Name: Kimberly Denise Jones

Born: Approx 1976

"Trust me, after B.I.G. died, the drama did not stop ," she says. "I just try to deal with it and hope that it turns out all right."

"Rapping is all about claiming your spot and letting everyone know that you are No. 1 at this, and nobody is taking my spot any time soon."

"People may call me a diva, but I don't like the word because it is associated with stink-nasty attitudes, and I don't have that."



Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Kimberly Denise Jones was left under the care of her father after her parents got divorced when she was 9 years old. Kimberly and her older brother, Christopher, lived with their mother Ruby Mae at first, until custody of the children was passed on to Linwood Jones. More....

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