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Meg Ryan was born on the 19th of November, 1961. She has starred (although not necessarily with top billing!) in over 20 motion pictures to date. During the mid-80's, Meg starred in a few A-list films with B-list roles.

When Harry Met Sally changed all that. It wasn't exactly the film of the year, but it was one scene which catapulted Meg into the limelight--yes, that fake orgasm scene (if you haven't seen the film, then I won't spoil the scene for you =). In a similar way in which Sharon Stone would later be idolised for her famous scene in Basic Instinct, Meg was made famous on the strength of one scene from one film. This is, I think, a little unfair.

She has proven her acting ability in film after film, yet it took this one scene to get her recognized by the movie-watching community at large. 1993 saw the release of Sleepless in Seattle, the story of a widower's search for a new partner, and a woman's realization of her true wants in life.

Once again, Meg was shot into fame, but this time, it was her performance that gave her stardom. Meg's recent ventures have included Courage Under Fire, You've Got Mail, and Hurly Burly, and Hanging Up, mixing her well-known persona of romantic comedy queen with a lesser-seen talent for drama. Her most recent film is Proof of Life, with Russell Crowe. Meg is recently divorced from actor Dennis Quaid, and has a son, Jack.