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Biography On the 18th of April, 1976, one Melissa Joan Hart decided to burst her way into this very world! This very exciting event, had occurred in Sayville, Long Island, New York, United States of America. Ever since that very momentus occasion, Melissa was destined to be an actress, and as going to be pointed out futher on, a spectacular one, with humble beginnings from television commercials, to Film, with Can't Hardly Wait and the soon to be released Next to You. Since 1980, Melissa has been enlightening our lives, through all forms of the media, commercials, television, tele-movies, mini-series, films, magazines, newspapers and so forth... Melissa' Career had started out with commercials, with the first one been the Splashy Bath commercial, and before she turned 5 years of age (1981), the young Melissa Joan Hart, had done over 25 commercials!

One of Melissa's first appearences on a TV show, was doing a skit for Saturday Night Live. Melissa ended up doing several appearences for Saturday Night Live during 1985 - 1986. Also at this time Melissa has been on the Equalizer, made an appearence in Christmas Snow abd also in the mini series Kane and Abel. Also Melissa was destined to make her debut in film, Crocodile Dundee (woohoo, an Aussie movie), but when they did the final editing, they thought the movie was too long, and so they cut out several parts, one of them parts was one with Melissa in. By the late 1980's, Melissa had started to do some theatre work, and one of the plays she was in was on Broadway, which is quite a feat. After this, Melissa had auditioned for the role of Clarissa Explains It All, and succeded in achieving this role, and so the saga continues...

By now, Melissa is starting to break barriers, as this is one of the first Nickelodeon TV shows to feature a female for a lead character. This in it self is a big accomplishment, because, ever since Clarissa Explains It All, there have been many other succesful Nick TV shows, with female lead characters, ie The Secret World of Alex Mack. But getting on track, Clarissa Explains It All, had influenced a great many of people for all around the world, (soon, the whole world will come under the domination of Melissa, whoops, shouldn't give away her plans, ahem...), no, seriously, even today, like 4+ years after the series had finished, Clarissa Explains It All is still been aired around the world. A tribute to the success of the show...

Shortly after Clarissa Explains It All, Melissa had graduated high school, (I guess you can say Clarissa's life had mirrored that of Melissa's life), and had enrolled in University of New York. Melissa had planned to go onto university, as she knew she may need it further on. However, shortly after this, Melissa had landed the role as Sabrina in the Showtime movie, Sabrina The Teenage Witch Also during this time, Melissa had guest starred in Touched By An Angel, where she played a teenager having troubles with her single mother. Also she had done Twisted Desire, in which, lets just say, was a very adult type of role, (adult, as in conspiring to kill your own parents) After the Sabrina The Teenage Witch movie, Melissa had once again started another TV show, based on the movie, which in turn was based by the comic book by Archies comics. Now that we got that out of the way, Sabrina The Teenage Witch is currently part of the TGIF line up on Friday nights along with other shows like Boy Meets World and so forth. During the shooting of Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Melissa has participated in other projects, mainly guest roles on other TV shows.

Currently at this time, Melissa is a sophomore, still studying at NYU, but at a part time basis. There have been rumours that she might transfer to University of Southern California, mainly because this is where she lives at present. Also during this time, Melissa has made frequent appearences in late night shows, magazines, radio and so forth. One notable appearence in a magazine has been the 1997 issue of Details. Lets just say, it was definitly different... Also, Melissa has been in several movies during this time, Silencing Mary, The Right Connections, Two Came Back, and has done one film appearence, an uncredited role in Can't Hardly Wait. But come late next summer (about August 1999), or winter for us Aussies [though it might not be released until our summer anyway]), Melissa's new film should be due, her first major role in a big screen movie.

But for the time been, Sabrina has been renewed for a third and fourth season, so taking the TV show way into the next millenium (just a note, December 31st 1999 is a Friday, so just imagine what the writers can do for that episode ;-) muhahahaha, maybe Nostradamus is right about the world ending at the end of the century) Though Sabrina The Teenage Witch may still be on it's first run, for now, Melissa has been starting to pursue other projects, ie. film, and also continuing furthering her education, to prepare for a time when show business will not be a part of her life... Currentl Melissa is about to start a new tvshow, well a cartoon, a shoot off from the current show, in her younger sister, Emily, will be the voice of Sabrina, and Melissa the voices of the two aunts. Look out for it early 1999...