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Some of Michelle's shimmering songs come from dreams. "Sometimes I wake up and get confused about where I am, I'm not sure if I'm asleep or awake. I have dreams when I write an entire song, chords and everything. I wake up and hope I can remember the dream-song, and find that I've already written it all down, and I just pick up the guitar and play it." Is it sleepwalking? Sleepwriting, perhaps? "I don't know," she smiles, "It's a mystery." Michelle feels the connection to John Shanks, the producer of her record, (Melissa Etheridge, BB Mak, SR-71, Chris Isaak ) is a magical one.

"Once you write a song, it's really personal. The song is your baby, you watch it grow, and then you let it go. When we were in the studio, I immersed myself in it -- idea after idea just flowed," she recalls, "John was so inspiring." Michelle hopes to inspire people the way the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin inspired her. "If God had a voice, it would belong to Robert Plant," she declares, "and Jimi Hendrix is so honest when he sings. The cool thing about the Beatles is that they created music that makes you feel the lyrics. When you listen to "Here Comes the Sun," you can just feel the sun's rays.

In "She's Leaving Home," "I feel the parent's hearts breaking. I want to give back to people what I get from the music I love." Michelle already gets letters from young aspiring singer/songwriters. "I hope I can inspire people my age to play music," Michelle says, "There are so many "put together" musical acts today, younger girls write and tell me -- "they all dance and sing and look so perfect, and it's so hard to watch them, then I heard your music and now I'm writing songs." I hope that continues.

I want to be able to speak truth and make a difference. Even though you can't see it or grasp it, most people know love is out there. My album is about love -- songs about what people believe in."