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Nelly Furtado

"I grew up listening to all kinds of music, but hip-hop taught me how to sing with attitude."

-Nelly Furtado

Real Name: Nelly Furtado
Height: 5' 1" Estimated
Nationality: Canadian
Birth Date: 1978
Birth Place: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Occupation: Singer and songwriter
Ethnicity: Portuguese

Fan Club Address:
550 Eglinton Avenue West, 38114 Toronto, Ontario Canada M5N 3A8

What differs Nelly Furtado from the multitude of female alt-pop acts is that she isnít just a golden voice with little musical talent to back her up. Nelly oozes talent, whether it is in her vocals, her vast instrument-playing abilities (guitar, ukulele, trombone), her impressive song-writing (she wrote, or co-wrote every track on her debut CD), or even her linguistic ability (she speaks English, Portuguese and Hindi). More....

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