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Birth Name: Penelope Cruz Sanches
Height: 5' 6
Date: April 28 1974
Birth Place: Madrid Spain
Education: Secondary Studies (not finished) National Conservatory Madrid Spain (classical ballet) Cristina Rota's School in Nueva York (4 years of theater)
Father: Eduardo Cruz (auto mechanic)
Mother: Encarna Cruz (hairdresser manager) Sister: Monica (professional flamenco dancer) Brother: Eduardo Jr

Trivial Facts: Selected for the group Caras Nuevas (New Faces) in 1990 Spent one week as a volunteer at Mother Theresa's children's sanctuary in Calcutta and later donated her salary from The Hi-Lo Country to the organization


The eldest daughter of a hairdresser and an auto mechanic, growing up in Madrid, Spain, Penelope Cruz didn't want the normal pretty pony or a pretty stud, she instead dreamed of swans and nutcrackers and handsome princes! She further studied classical ballet at the National Conservatory for nine years. Cruz worked steadily in Spanish cinema from her 1991 debut in El Laberinto Griego (Greek Labyrinth), for the next seven years... More

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