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In 1994, the brunette Bullock was cast (over producers’ clamourings for yet another blonde bombshell) in the runaway blockbuster Speed. That led, the next year, to another huge success -- While You Were Sleeping -- and a solidly booked calendar with The Net (1995), A Time To Kill (1996), Stolen Hearts (1996), Two If By Sea (1996) and In Love and War (1996). 1997's Speed 2: Cruise Control turned out to be less a hit than the first Speed (Bullock “won” a Worst Actress Razzie), but the silver lining was the establishment of her own production company, Fortis Films.

Bullock co-produced and starred in the successful Hope Floats (1998), and continued to fulfil an ambitious schedule with The Prince of Egypt (1998 - voice), Practical Magic (1998), Making Sandwiches (1998), and Forces of Nature (1999). As well, Fortis Films produced the animated films Nicholas Cricket and Jingle.

Coming up for Bullock are roles in the movies Gunshy, Miss Congeniality (the actor will also produce), 28 Days, Wildest Dreams, The List, and Babe Behind Bars: Alison’s Starting To Happen. Bullock’s many awards show that she is a favorite with audiences. She’s won three MTV Movie awards (1995), the 1996 ShoWest Female Star of the Year, and People’s Choice awards (1997, 1999, and nominated for 2000).

She’s valuable to studios -- in 1996 she was number 40 on the list of highest earning entertainers, one below Mel Gibson. Audiences and industry peers alike recognize that her power is the ability to play ordinary women in extraordinary circumstances. Bullock has the common touch. She’s just uncommonly good at it.