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Biography 1:
20-year-old Sophia Myles was born on the 20th March 1980 and was raised in Isleworth, a west London suburb. She is the daughter of a local vicar, and was a straight A student at the comprehensive school which she attended.

Within four years, she had progressed from the lead part in a school play to Johnny Depp's screen lover in the forthcoming film, From Hell.

Her original ambition was to study philosophy at Cambridge (where she had been accepted) after achieving three A grades at A-level. Fortunately, for the rest of us, she chose not to go to Cambridge, and instead decided to pursue a career in acting.

Biography 2:
Sophia Myles plays the tragic Agnes Fleming, who runs away from home when she discovers she is pregnant by a family friend, Edwin Leeford. "The story of Agnes is tragedy, – it is totally heart-breaking. I turned over the first page of the script, and I was in floods of tears. I had no idea what was in store because in the novel, Agnes just gives birth, kisses the child and promptly dies. But in Bleasdale’s dramatisation, there’s this absolutely beautiful and tragic love story between Agnes and Edwin. She is hopelessly in love with him, but she cannot understand why he doesn’t marry her." Aged 19, Agnes falls in love with Edwin Leeford - a close friend of her father’s - and becomes pregnant by him. She protects her father against the identity of her lover, knowing he would feel betrayed. "At the beginning you see quite an innocent, quite immature girl but she does a lot of growing up, it progresses and she protects herself. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror when I’m like this and it almost makes me cry. You just see what happens to this girl, it’s awful. She has lost her mother, a brother and a sister, so there’s been a lot of heartache in the family already and falling in love with Leeford is maybe partly because of this – she has taken over the main female role in the household – she is young." "She is a victim of her time as in those days an unmarried mother was just doomed. It is testimony to her great strength of character that she leaves her comfortable home and stable family, to head off into the unknown, carrying a baby and having no money. It is heart-breaking stuff, but not sentimental." At only 19, and having just completed her A’Levels, Sophia already has a number of television and theatre credits to her name. She appeared in Big Women with Renny Rye; Mansfield Park for Miramax, working with Lindsay Duncan, as well as in a Fay Weldon play at the Birmingham Rep. Whilst still at school Sophia was spotted by a BBC director who gave her a small part in a costume drama. After her first year of studying for her A’Levels, she was cast by director Renny Rye to appear in Fay Weldon’s television drama series Big Women, in which she played young Saffron. Immediately after completing her A Level studies she was cast in the role of Fanny’s sister Susan in the Miramax movie of Mansfield Park. In the theatre, Sophia played a leading role in a production of Fay Weldon’s play Alice May and Rowan Baker at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, directed by Bill Alexander. Sophia has a university place and filmed the role of Agnes Fleming in Oliver Twist in her gap year.