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Seymour's rise began at age 14, when she modeled for local newspapers and department stores in her hometown of San Diego. She entered the Elite Look of the Year contest and received even better than first prize; she got the confidence to move to New York, and eventually Paris. She walked the runways of Europe for two years and, in 1993, appeared in Play.boy's Valentine's issue.

Seymour had a Valentine of her own; hard-core rocker Axl Rose. The tabloids reported tales of drugs, partying and physical abuse, though Seymour and Rose appeared enamored in a '93 Guns 'N Roses video. Nevertheless, the couple broke up that same year. In '94, Seymour hit superstardom with two striking photo shoots for Egöiste and Versace jeans, by famed photographer Richard Avedon, and received some attention for a short-lived relationship with Warren Beatty.

That year, Paris Match named her Most Beautiful Model. She also began her longstanding link to Victoria's Secret, and appeared on the covers of Sports Illustrated, Elle, Self and Vogue. The stauesque brunette says the greatest part of '94 was the birth of her second son, Peter, named after aristocrat boyfriend Peter Brant.

Her and Brant married in June 1995, and third son, Harry, joined the family in December '96. Seymour spends her downtime playing polo, riding horses and collecting art at the family's rural estate, but she's not ready to ditch the spotlight. At 28, she recently appeared on the covers of GQ, Vogue and Cosmopolitan, and can be seen in the hit CD-ROM game Hell.