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Name: Thora Birch

Birthday: 11 March 1982

Hair/Eyes: Brown/Green

Family: Carol (Mother), Jack (Father), Bolt (Younger Brother)

Pets: 3 Dogs (Thunder, Herc and Necro)

Birth Place: Los Angeles, California

Fav Painter: Van Gogh

Fav Food: Italian

Fav Drink: Diet Rootbeer

Movie Debut: (1988) Purple People Eater

Movie Breakthrough: (1999) American Beauty

Aspirations: To Direct

Thora completed her 12th Grade at home via an independent studies programme on her computer.
Her name is derived from the name of the Norse God of Thunder and Lightening, Thor.
First time on television was for a 'Calafornia Raisin' Commercial in 1986.
Was in a 1990 Burger King commercial with Jonathan Taylor Thomas. TV Commercial for Burger King (1990)
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